What We Do

While God is constantly revealing ministry opportunities for us, here are several ways in which we currently serve.

Feeding Center

Our feeding center currently provides and cares for children providing physical and spiritual nourishment.


Providing education for children who otherwise would receive none.

VBS Ministry

Teams are able to disciple children through VBS.

Sewing Ministry

Providing a means for women to use their abilities and talents to help provide for their families.

Food Ministry

Taking food to remote places and to those who can no longer provide for themselves.

Mosquito Net Ministry

Providing much needed protections for families against sickness and infection caused by mosquitos as well as other insects that attack families as they try to sleep.

Shoe Ministry

Helping provide children with shoes to protect their feet

Water Bucket Purification Ministry

Providing filtration systems for families to have clean drinking water free of filth and parasites.

Well Drilling Ministry

Providing water for communities that do not have easy access to water.

Medical Ministry

Medical teams reach and care for people who have no other way to receive medical treatment.

Dental Ministry

Dental teams provide treatment to those who have no access to dentists. God has provided the opportunity to build a facility to provide dental treatment.