Blue Jean Church


The cost of the trip per person:

$1,300 per person for a 15-person team.

$1,400 per person for a 10-person team.

$1,500 per person for an 8-person team.


**This cost covers roundtrip airfare, transportation & fuel, mission house, food, missionary travel insurance, translators, projects, and you will also be able to dine 2 to 3 times outside the mission house to experience the culture of Mexico.


$200 non-refundable deposit is required per individual or $2,000 non-refundable deposit is required from your church organization when you select your dates for mission trip.


When you select your dates, the first to turn in your deposit money, will be given those dates. First come, first serve. We cannot hold dates without payment.

Your deposit will go toward your mission trip.


90 days prior to your departure date, the remaining ½ of your balance is due to purchase plane tickets.

30 days prior to your departure date, the remaining balance is due in full.


Cancellations or failure to pay result in forfeiture of payments made.

Make checks payable to Sendme Refuge and mail to P O Box 604, Vinemont AL 35179.


Important: A team leader must be appointed for each team when you secure a week. The team leader will be responsible for all aspects of the mission trip and make sure your members are fully prepared.